taMAPLEgotchi Simulator

Meet Maple, your pet cat! Take care of her to earn coins and buy things for her room!

Click the top left game screen corner to go fullscreen! Click the camera to take a photo of your game screen, and try clicking the flashing icon and the car icon popup for more information, and click it again to close the popup!

Your game may take a few moments to load, do not be discouraged! Maple awaits!

WARNING: Flashing Lights
Game made by: Melodie

Game Instructions: The middle screen is the home screen, the left screen is where you can interact with Maple (play with her, feed her, and bathe her) by clicking on the yarn in the basket, the waffle fish, and the bathtub. The right screen is the shop, each item is 10 coins and when you have enough coins from interacting with your pet you can buy items. Items bought in the shop appear on the home screen as well. Use the meter bars to inform your interactions with Maple. Once you have bought everything for Maple, and have saved $300 for her, there will be a surprise popup!